ICEC 2009 3-5 september CNAM
Paris, France

Traveling to Paris-CNAM

By Air

The Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport is approximately 45 minutes (public transport or driving time) from the CNAM in Paris.


The Paris-Orly Airport is approximately 30 minutes (public transport or driving time) from the CNAM in Paris. Paris-Orly is linked to the RER B station « Antony » by the ORLYVAL shuttle train.


The CNAM is situated in the third district of Paris, but the subway allows to book an hotel in other districts. Paris has the widest choice of hotels in the world with a full range of prices, offering something for everyone.

CNAM in Paris

CNAM is located in the 3rd district of Paris near the METRO 11 station « Arts et Métiers ». RER B stops at station « Châtelet les halles ». There is one correspondence from station « Châtelet » to station « Art et Métiers » by the METRO 11 line. You can find more information on the RATP website.

Exit the station « Arts et Métiers » by the « Rue Turbigo ». The « rue Conté » is in front.



The Cnam is a French institution of long standing (1794) and deep scientific tradition. It accomplishes three interrelated missions:

  • Lifelong education for students and working professionals,
  • Research in science, technology and management,
  • Diffusion of this knowledge.

90 000 people are enrolled in our professional and management development programs and 7 000 students are earning an undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degree. We held over 350 national and international conferences, managed over 5 million in research contracts and applied for 4 patents last year.

The Musée des Arts et Métiers was also created in 1794. It is made up of seven principal sections, presented in chronological order: Scientific instruments, Materials, Construction, Communication, Energy, Engineering and Transports. Among the highlights of the museum: Lavoisier's gasometers, Corning optical fibres, the cinematograph device by the Lumière brothers, Watt's steam engine, Volta's first invention of the battery, as well as a type 020 locomotive by Stephenson. The museum regularly organises lectures, debates and temporary exhibitions.


map of the CNAM accesses
CNAM map
Google map of the CNAM

Paris, CNAM area map



Visiting Paris

Paris is a close-knit and welcoming place with a pleasant climate. The Seine cuts across the city and two woods on either side offer a breath of fresh air. Indeed, Paris has been blessed by nature. From Lutetia to the Napoleon Bonaparte Empire, from the declaration of the Republic to the Paris Commune: Paris was right at the heart of events that marked French history and shaped its present.

There are more than 40 museums in Paris, France, from egyptian antiquity to XVIII th century painting in the Louvre and from Impressionnists to Modern Art through Orsay and Picasso Museums. Paris is home to a varied population. A high proportion of students, young workers and elderly people, many tourists and a large number of foreign residents: a genuine cultural wealth.

For more information, see the Paris Tourism Office website.


Map of Paris
picture of the Paris' districts


        16 Gare d'Austerlitz 26 Parc Monceau
        17 Grande Bibliothèque 27 Moulin Rouge
    8 Tour Eiffel 18 Panthéon 28 Montmartre
1 Musée du Louvre 9 Champs Élysées 19 Parc Montsouris 29 La Villette
2 Opéra Garnier 10 Gare du Nord 20 Tour Montparnasse 30 Cimetière du père Lachaise
3 Gare St-Larare 11 Gare de l'Est 21 Gare Montparnasse 31 Nation
4 Centre Pompidou 12 République 22 Parc des Expositions 32 Chateau de Vincennes
5 Notre Dame 13 Bastille 23 Parc des Princes 33 Roland-Garros
6 Jardins du Luxembourg 14 Gare de Lyon 24 Trocadéro 34 Bois de Boulogne
7 Musée d'Orsay 15 Bercy 25 Arc de Triomphe 35 La Défense